About PAWS


Who we are:

PAWS is an unsheltered organization in Patrick County, Virginia, dedicated to saving animals’ lives. We take in unwanted animals and foster them in our homes until a permanent home is found. In the meantime, we spay/neuter the animals and get them up-to-date on vaccinations and any other medical care they need prior to placement. We socialize animals that are shy, were abused or have other behavioral issues. We raise orphans and nurture sick animals back to health. This requires a lot of time, love and dedication by the foster parents. Sadly, there are always more animals in need than foster space available, and your adoption of one of our animals will free the much-needed space to save another life.

PAWS is actively promoting spay/neuter in the community to decrease the over-population of unwanted animals. We educate people about the benefits and importance of neutering and provide spay/neuter assistance when funds are available.

We are an all-volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 100% of the adoption fees and donations go back into the upkeep, medical expenses and transportation of the animals; any excess funds are used to help spay/neuter community animals whose owners cannot afford the surgery otherwise.

Where do the animals come from?

All our animals are rescues that otherwise have no place to go.

Lots of our animals come from the pound in Patrick County. The holding time for a stray or unwanted animal at the pound ranges from 24 hours to 12 days, after which the animals are euthanized. Most animals are not so lucky to find a home in that short period of time. PAWS takes many animals from the pound when their time is up and gives them the additional time it takes to find a home.

We get more and more calls from individuals that cannot keep their pet for one reason or another. Very often a pet gave birth to a litter of puppies or kittens and the owners are overwhelmed. We take entire litters from owners with the stipulation that the mother dog/cat has to get fixed.

Often pet owners pass away or have to go into a retirement home and leave their companions behind. We try to help in these situations as well.

Other times, it just seems as if animals find us on their own.

How you can help:

First of all, if you have a pet that is not spayed/neutered, please make the appointment today. We can only stop the over-population and euthanizing of unwanted pets if we do our part and start right at home.

If you have room in your heart and home to adopt one of our rescues, please do so. Foster space is always limited and every adoption immediately results in the intake of another homeless pet.

Would you like to foster animals or help in other ways?

Please call us at (276) 694-2378

and we will certainly find something for you to do. We are always short on volunteers and outnumbered in animals.

You can donate to our cause. Donations are 100% tax-deductible and we will be happy to issue a donation receipt upon request. Please send your donation to:

PAWS, PO Box 743, Stuart, VA 24171 or donate via paypal

We can always use:

  • Cat/dog food
  • Toys
  • Cat litter
  • Dog houses
  • Dog/cat beds
  • Dog/cat carriers
  • Dog crates
  • Old towels and bed sheets

We accept these items at H&R Block in downtown Stuart or at the Animal Clinic of Patrick County. Lowes Foods in Stuart has a PAWS donation box located in magazine area where purchased pet food or litter can be dropped.

Thank you for your support!